Tools and strategies for vanilla best practice

Modern Concepts to Understand to Content Creation

YSL - Native Vanilla Compile Enterprise Builds
Fetch (Server to Client Side Data Calling - GraphQL, Groq, Vanilla Fetch)

-Source Set Image Hosting
-Naming Conventions
-Non Destructive Multi Channel Site/App Refreshes

Security / Gated Membership setup
-Token Managed (oAuth) - you can set up oAuth with secure Data Store in Webflow Export with process.env in a filesystem
-Magic Link single link email link
-Web 3 (Metamask Wallet)

Code Version Control and Rollback

Moderation and BI (GA4, Event Hooks)

Scaling and Deployment with SSL

Webflow (, Plasmic, or handbuilt/Tailwind) Vanilla Export - can include oAuth/Membership and PCI/HIPAA compliant Stores (Remix, Xano, Supabase, n8n-has prebuilt adaptors to Salesforce API)
Drag and Drop to Netlify/Vercel
Utilize Code Sandbox (Parcel compile) to share preview/code and push to Github (Private, Personal, Enterprise)

Database - Data Type Modeling - "Store"
If you have an E Commerce (Magento, SF Commerce, Shopify) and need a CRM or EDI Endpoint convert static to 11ty (Supports Liquid and Go Templates-with CSS, JS, HTML watch and minification) with Collections: Users, Transactions, UPC/GTIN, hooks to Google OAuth/Data Layer, Stripe APIs.

Model Data in Client Packages with Sanity or Webflow and secure key cloaking in Xano. Manage gated file system with oAuth.

There are non destructive ways to minify and streamline compact code. Utilize collaboration and review program management with Code Sandbox, Webflow with linked APIs exports to 11ty/Next, Netlify Graph, Groq in Sanity, Addons and Functions in Xano. All lo code and integrates to CI CD.

Vanilla is Enterprise Friendly

Best practice and strategies

Enterprise Code sets that have Guardrails and cannot compile: Shopify, SFRA Salesforce Commerce (you will need to have source set, and a CDN if you are moving from Site Genesis), Salesforce Marketing, Salesforce CRM, Pega, SAP, AEM, EDI Modeling, API Typescripting, can compile using a Vanilla Compile that is Enterprise Friendly.

UI and UX will need to have CSS in Vanilla formats to build UI and State Dependencies

Stores (Native Shopify, AEM, SAP) will need token secure data endpoints. Use Xano, Supabase, n8n (prebuilt Salesforce)

you can use headless structured data / stores that is enterprise friendly with Netlify Graph

This new feature allows secure - .env links with key management to APIs. Link to ERPs, CRMs, Asset Management, with "low code", simple to manage within large organizations "CMS" middleware setup.
link to Netlify Graph
Prebuilt secure (token based) connectivity are created to link front end to back end with flexibility and affordable free open source tools.

APIs include:
Box - Warehouse Program Management Copy Deck, Functional Spec, Design Guidelines, Proof Reading Versions and AGILE documents. Key Access and integrate real time update notifications
Cloudflare - Automate/Minify/Distribute Code and Deploys Protect Moderation of code base. Notifications and updates with redirect in real time sub domains
Github - Deploy with secure (token based) repositories that can be versioned and branced. Securely and effectively set up AGILE program management
Stripe - Connect ORM and secure (token based) PCI Compliant Commerce Data (Magento, Shopify, Commerce Cloud, Woo Commerce). Manage Returns, Payment Status, Fraud in real time
Headless CMS-Sanity, Contentful set up live and unlimited streams and publishing templates for non technical content holders that can be easily maintained without disruption to PCI/HIPAA protected publishing workflows. Publish unlimited versions and prototypes (with scheduling) in real time, with automation and metrics. Unlimited versions and geo based contingency are great for building and deploying Globalization/Personalization, with ease. Proof of Concept and Design Ideation, is super easy to execute. Easily integrate to any Client/Server managed stack.
Netlify Graph

GIST Vanilla Progressive Image Wrapper

Vanilla staging preview and collaboration environment

Utilize Code Sandbox to preview design, add dependencies, review with technical stakeholders. Add Netlify Graph and link to Business Process Tools/APIs. Native APIs include: Spotify, Github, Stripe (for ORM/PCI compliant returns, pending financial transactions across all E comm). Create a Style Dashboard and save code snippets.
Link to Code Sandbox Gist


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